Coffee Shop

Today my new single coffee shop has been released Produced by Timothy Infinite. This song is special to me because I wrote this song while I was homeless. I spent hours at Starbucks and watched people for over a year of my life. This Starbucks was 24 hours so some interesting things were going on. I noticed in the mornings the business people would get there coffee then later and the evenings. I would see the Amway sharks trying to sell you financial freedom and at night you would see the night owls of the world looking for someone to talk with. During my times there I was working on My video game blog and I would notice a guy trying to hack into my computer. This guy was trying to practice his hacking skills with his stupid rogue AP. I watched him for days and weeks one day I introduced myself I said I noticed you’re using KALI Linux and he was shocked to see the Mcperk knowing his secrets we chit chat about computers cool guy. In the coffee shop, you have to be mindful of what I call the ear hustlers. People are always listening I met this girl name Rizzan Torio she was ease doping into my conversation with a co-luge. After my friend left she randomly was trying to get to know me. I don’t know why this chick was talking to me but whatever I am in the coffee shop. A few weeks later I helped her get her business off the ground Live Blessed Lifestyle. It was fun. During this time, I meet Kiyana411 on this app called Convoz created by Chamillionaire. We had a few conversations and we both had a similar interest we both liked coffee I told her I like coffee so much I even have a song about the coffee shop. I sent her the track and she hopped on it. I hope you enjoy this song. You can follow Kiyana411  and Timothy Infinite on Instagram



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