So I decided to do a commercial release of the chopped and screwed version of two week notice Feat Robert Walker II. This song has been chopped and screwed by 812 Arron from the one stop chop shop. The song is coming out on October 31st, 2019. But you can hear the song now on Audio Mack. The official single cover will feature purple and red new apiary symbols.


Today my new single church break hit stores. I think god wrote this song I was in the process of writing a different song then the spirt changed the hook. I didn’t have any other lyrics for the song. So I sent the song over to my mother to see what she thought of the hook. She messaged me back and said she wants to do a verse to it. Ironically my brother was coming to visit me in Las Vegas that week. So he dropped off the master vocals and so this how church break was made. I know I don’t make church songs but sometimes we all need to take time and give god some time. So that is what a church break is Aman